Robo Advisor – WealthApp and its Automated Robo Advisory platform

The significance of the internet can be gauged from the fact that most of us pull out our mobiles or get on to laptops to search the answer for a question bugging us. Be it shopping or online banking, it’s not just the millennial that opts for it. Realising, the importance of the internet, most firms have decided to go online with their services and WealthApp Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd – a robo advisor is one among the few premium firm which provides financial advisory services. Before jumping into how wealthapp is your friendly robo advisor, first let’s know what do we mean by a robo advisor.

Robo advisor for your financial need

What is a Robo Advisor?

A robo advisor is a highly specialized software or may be called as an online financial advisor which comes up with an automated financial plan and can help you to manage your investments with a little or no human interaction. A robo advisor comes with a solution for anyone who can’t afford a financial advisor or doesn’t want one.

A Robo advisor can automatically select the investment options and can build a portfolio which is best suited for you. Apart from selecting and building portfolio, they also tracks and make changes in your investments on an ongoing basis and aligns your portfolio so that it fits to your goal.


“Robo Advisor can help put your money to work so you don’t have to.”


How it works?

A robo advisor comes up with a list of basic investment and finance related questions such as your age, current assets, long term goals, your investment risk tolerance etc to feel out your investing preferences. After all the questions being answered it tailors and create a unique investment plan for the respondent along with the creation of the investment portfolio which can meet the goals of the respondent.


Benefits of using a robo advisor  

The biggest advantage of a robo advisor is that it helps you to avoid costly investing mistakes. Many a times it happens that investors make emotional decisions at the market high or market low based on their gut feeling. A software doesn’t make these mistakes. It suggests you the best option available at that point of time.  

Another advantage is that they comes up with is that it automates the whole process. One shouldn’t take the stress or get worried of changing the portfolio, robo advisors does it all for them. For the young professionals or the beginning investors who want to put their portfolio on automatic mode, a robo advisor can be a great solution for them. Some of the additional benefits of robo advisors are as follows:

  • They give you access to the good portfolios at a better price.
  • They are user friendly and are good on taxes.
  • They improves the return on your investment and reduces its volatility by rebalancing your investment portfolio.
  • They are good for the investors who want their investment portfolio to grow independently.
  • They are easy to use and have made investing process easy, which is why robo advisors are a popular selection among the investors.


Why use a Robo Advisor Firm and its financial advisory services?

  • It’s an Online platform with automated algorithms to manage diversified investment portfolios
  • On-going Monitoring of monies
  • It’s very easy to set up and use
  • Best option for investors that don’t have time nor want to deal with the monotony of portfolio maintenance
  • Fees charged by traditional advisors are normally high, which are typically low with a robo advisor
  • Robo Advisory Firms focus on low-cost investment management
  • Reduced operational costs


WealthApp- Your friendly robo advisor

Convenience is one major area of focus for WealthApp. With a very easy to use interface and innovative features, the investments can be set up easily on our low-cost online platform. In addition to face to face meetings, you also have the option to be in touch with technology-assisted advisors via telephone or email.

Since our main aim is to reach out to first-time investors, WealthApp offers Financial advisory services and platform free of cost. WealthApp will also serve the smaller accounts, thus increasing advisor productivity.

WealthApp offers personalised one on one sessions for those that require the human touch. It is the perfect blend of both worlds – superior technology and expert personal guidance.

WealthApp follows the discipline of Asset Allocation and gives unbiased advice with a high level of transparency as well as instantaneous analysis of performance return metrics. The well-designed user interface, combined with best investment plans based on financial planning and individual goals, strives to deliver maximised mutual fund returns.

Advantages / Differences of WealthApp over other Robo Advisors

  • Only automated investment advisor (robo advisor) to have 20+ curated mutual fund portfolios customised to the needs of the investors.
  • WealthApp even caters to customers with investment values as low as Rs. 500
  • Offers completely paperless KYC
  • WealthApp deploys a customer centric approach and does suitability analysis of the portfolio
  • WealthApp provides personalised sessions with an Investment counsellor at Bangalore

How WealthApp works

Once the details entered online are verified and the investor is found KYC complaint, they can go on to make the investments online. For the non-KYC compliant customer, there is provision to undertake a fully paperless online KYC using the Aadhar or video feature. WealthApp also has the option to make payments online via Net banking and debit cards. The useful online dashboard helps to organise and manage financial plans and goals of the investors.

You also have the option to assimilate multiple goals like retirement, saving, tax planning or regular investments and much more online via the automated platform. You can also choose to create custom goals online.

WealthApp monitors the portfolios online 24/7. Throughout all stages of the investment cycle, we guide the investors while offering a digital solution for the clients that prefer to chart their own path. At the same time, they have the flexibility to deepen their engagement by working with the available Financial Advisors.

It is seen that customers benefit highly if they engage with a wealth management firm that delivers services via the digital channel even as they provide personalised advice. WealthApp has also launched its mobile apps on android and iOS making use of this sophisticated automated algorithms to cater to investors. With these apps, now investments can be made from wherever you want and at any time thus making it easy. So, why waste your time? Come, realise your dream of financial independence and start with your investments now.


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