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  • Download “WealthApp” from the Google Playstore (if not already done).

  • Register yourself and enrol for WealthApp Sprint.

  • Set your monthly threshold for savings – no pressure!

  • Allow a simple KYC authorization process as per the GOI guidelines.

  • Simple – the more you spend, the more you save - 5% of your spend is invested directly into your savings (limited to threshold set by you).

  • Redeem anytime, anywhere – your money is at your disposal with zero lock-in limitations!

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  • With every financial transaction, 5% of your spend is allotted to your virtual savings account (limited to the savings target set by you).

  • Once your virtual account is allotted with Rs.100 (rounded off to the nearest rupee), you are investment ready!

  • We now debit your account and invest the funds into a safe and solid liquid savings account – your virtual account balance is now reset to zero.

  • We then check if your total invested amount is =/> the target set by you.If yes, we refresh the process only on the 1st of the following month.

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  • A safe and sure way of saving money.

  • A great stress reliever of being in control of your finances.

  • A zero-effort savings accumulation account.

  • Luxury of multiplying your savings through immediate investment under expert guidance.